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There are 100’s of charity auctioneers that you could get. There is only one John Curley. John uses a proven combination of entertainment science and a dynamic compassionate personality to increase your gross sales 8 to 12%

“John never leaves money in the room.”
-Northwest Children’s Foundation

Why Hire John Curley?




Get John Curley on YOUR team.

Choose an auctioneer with 30 years of performance experience.  John Curley is a multiple Emmy Award TV host and an award-winning writer and radio host in the Seattle market. 

Success Stories

Barry Weisblatt - WhiteLeaf Events

“John Curley is the Mick Jagger of the Charity Auctioneer world. Stalking the stage like a wild panther, Curley is a force never before seen in the world of fundraising and live charity events.”

Max Duley - V Foundation Wine Celebration Outreach Director

If you want to achieve the most out of your live auction, then there is no one better than John Curley!

Joe Lisella - Director of Development Marin Humane

“John is our secret sauce!”

Jenni Capps - Chesapeake Bay Wine Auction

“Curley has singlehandedly changed how wine is sold at live auctions around the country. I have never seen anything like it. “



Fireproof Your Auction!

“I honestly don’t know how anyone does an auction without Christin. I once heard an event director say that Christin ‘Fireproofed our auction.’ I love it!”

– John Curley

Ducks in a Row Events offers clients expert consulting and efficient management procedures while putting in place best practices during the entire event process. We strive to create a smoother event experience. We will train and manage your volunteers, help answer guests’ questions, make sure the event chairs focus on socializing and enjoying the event, and strive to eliminate lines at registration, cashiering, and item pick up.

Christin Kundert, Owner
(206) 251-1230

What does John Curley wear under his tuxedo?


Answer: A heart rate monitor

Curley burns through on average anywhere between 1800 and 2800 calories per auction.


Lets Team Up!

Make this auction the best virtual auction you've ever done.